Stop Railroad Claims Overpayment with an Expert Investigation to Mitigate Damages

Ron Budra, founder and President of, has more than 45 years of experience in the railroad industry.  His expertise encompasses everything from understanding every aspect of railroad operations to accident investigation and risk management.

In addition to his substantial understanding of how a railroad operation functions, Ron spent many years with Amtrak working specifically with railroad property damage claims. As a leader who helped draft many of the company’s claim policies and procedures relating directly to railroad crossing accidents and property damage claims, Ron has a unique way of looking at each and every claims situation from a view that most cannot.

His rare and comprehensive industry background as well as his significant experience in dealing with tort law as it applies to the railroad industry is critical when any amount of money is at stake.  Put the two together and the result is an expert who has the unique ability to control legal fees and litigation-related expenses while greatly reducing the overall claim costs to any company that receives a railroad property damage claim.

What does this mean for you?

It means that Ron will utilize his vast experience of railroad claims and litigation to save you money.  Whether you are a locally-owned, small, insurance enterprise or a large, national insurance provider, Ron’s consultative services will research and identify items and areas of interest resulting in a reduction in the amount ultimately paid to settle the claim.

Need more convincing that is your partner in saving big money when you’re set to litigate your next claim case?

Consider this:

  • Ron Budra has a PROVEN track record of successful litigation resulting in an average collections rate of $2 to $5 million annually for Amtrak alone.
  • Regardless of the incident—crossing accident, bridge strike, locomotive damage, loss-of-use, train delay claim, — Ron Budra brings decades of insight from inside the railroad companies.
  • Less than a handful of people in the U.S. have this level of background and experience to help you navigate through the technicalities to save money on these unique claims.

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