A Risk Management Program is Critical for Railroad Companies

Risk management can be a challenge for any management team in the railroad industry. If proper techniques are not in place and utilized by the whole organization, the railroad company and employees are all at an increased risk of a serious accident, as well as jeopardizing the company’s future. Ron Budra with RailroadClaims.com can help railway companies better align employees with the required company rules and job fulfillment with his risk management program. With over 45 years in the railroad industry, Ron is highly experienced in government and railway rules and regulations and how to get the most of employees.

The Importance of a Railroad Company Risk Management Program

Countless railway companies fail to measure their employees’ attitudes towards the company as a whole, their management team, the railroad and their job position. Without measuring feelings and overall attitudes, the railway company may be missing critical marks on safety, training and the future of employees.

Ron Budra specializes in risk management programs designed to align railway employee attitudes and high performance levels.

With this service, Ron visits a railroad company, speaks with employees and the management team and administers a short survey. The survey questions are designed to determine employees’ feelings towards the company, fellow employees and their future at the railroad.

Once Ron submits the survey results, railway companies can decide the appropriate steps that need to be taken within the organization to correct the issues. Many times, proper training and employee job fulfillment techniques can help assist managers to better lead their team into the future. Simple but overlooked risk management items can make a significant improvement to the entire organization once utilized.

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