Experienced Railroad Claim Adjuster for Property Damage Claims

When a railroad property damage claim or lawsuit has been filed against an insurance company, the very first call should be to Ron Budra with RailroadClaims.com. Ron has over 45 years of experience in the railroad industry and understands that each claim is unique. He uses his expertise and skills as a third party railroad claim adjuster to help insurance companies save money on railroad payouts.

What Happens when a Railroad Claim is Filed?

Thousands of accidents associated with railroads occur each year across the United States. Railroad companies have systems that have been in place for years when an accident occurs. If an insurance claim adjuster does not have a background in railway operations and rules, the adjuster and the insurance company are at a disadvantage.

Right after property damage occurs, the railroad issues a claim against the insurance company. The claim utilizes a set of internal formulas and guidelines that often have very little connection with the actual damages. These guidelines and formulas require years of in-depth experience to understand and navigate.

The very first step any insurance company should do once receiving a railroad property damage claim is to contact a railroad claim adjuster, such as Ron Budra. The third party adjuster will visit the accident site as quickly as possible to gather vital information and to prepare a preliminary report.

It is important that railroad claim adjusters are able to determine whether claimed damages were actually a result of the incident, or if the damages were there prior to the event. The third party adjuster must also gather facts of the incident and testimonies of all involved parties.

Third party railroad claim adjusters with a background in the railroad industry have the knowledge to also investigate if the rail employees were following all company and government rules and regulations. Government regulations are very complex, and each railway company has its own set of internal procedures.

Ron Budra can Save Insurance Companies Money on Railroad Property Damage Claims

As a third party railroad claim adjuster, Ron is less expensive than many attorneys. With over four decades of experience, his services are often paid for by savings in the total amount due to the railroad.

Ron has the ability to investigate and determine any negligence on the railway. If negligence is found, it changes the liability balance significantly. Not all insurance adjusters are well-versed in railway rules and regulations, so these bargaining items are often missed in property damage claims.

Bodily injury claims are very costly. Ron also has the ability to determine if the railway employee was or was not following required company procedures when the incident occurred. If they were not, there is almost always substantial savings in total payout.

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