Claim and Litigation Services for Railroad Property Damage Claim or Lawsuit, founded by Ron Budra, is a privately-held third party adjuster and consultative firm providing claim and litigation services for any company faced with a railroad property damage claim or lawsuit.

Whether you are a small or large insurance provider, do NOT pay a railroad property damage claim without consulting Ron at

Involved in all property damage claims from coast to coast, Ron will dig deep into the property damage claim or lawsuit, investigate every facet of the claim and reduce the amount of money that is ultimately paid to the railroad.

Ron’s substantial experience in the railroad industry, and especially in claims litigation, allows him to cut through the claim amount being sought by the railroad and identify what is real and what is perceived.

Ron Budra offers clients:

  • More than 45 years of experience in the railroad industry
  • Fees significantly less than an attorney’s fees – An attorney will hire a third party adjuster, you might as well hire one you found and trust
  • A Railroad Expert title with extensive experience in depositions, Federal Court proceedings, interrogatories, discovery, crash video analysis and much more
  • Free consultations so you can get a good feel of his knowledge and services before hiring

Ron Budra’s consultative services include:

  • Railroad property damage claim investigation
  • Railroad property damage inspection and verification
  • Expert defense for any litigation
  • Ability to exercise proper risk management during settlement negotiations
  • Claim negotiation
  • Claim settlement

At Railroad, Ron has your best interest and his customer’s bottom line at heart. With a proven track record, he can save you significant dollars being sought in a railroad claim.

Contact Ron Budra with today if you have received a railroad property damage claim.


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