A Summary of Ron Budra’s Railroad Services

Founder and President of RailroadClaims.com, Ron Budra has more than 45 years of experience in the railroad industry. As a Railroad Expert, Ron is familiar with depositions, Federal Court proceedings, interrogatories, crash video analysis, discovery and much more. With his many years of experience as a third party adjuster, Ron has a way of viewing each railroad property damage claim or lawsuit from a unique standpoint.

Ron Budra with RailroadClaims.com specializes in the following areas:

  • Railroad risk management
  • Railroad insurance claims
  • Railroad claim adjustments
  • Railroad accident investigations
  • Railroad expense mitigations
  • Railroad damage claim negotiations and settlements
  • Grade crossing accident claims and investigations

With Ron’s comprehensive railroad services, he is able to analyze and mitigate:

  • Track damage
  • Signal damage
  • Locomotive damage
  • Railcar damage
  • Cargo loss
  • Loss of use
  • Third party loss
  • Train delays
  • Bridge damage
  • Grade crossing damage

Ron also provides liability investigations for rail accidents, as well as expert reports, testimony and depositions for litigation claims.

Why You Should Hire Ron Budra as Railroad Consultant or Expert Witness

Ron Budra is much less expensive than any attorney, even with over 45 years of experience in the railroad industry behind him. Many of Ron’s repeat claim customers tell their fellow agents to hire Ron because his rates are more than fair and he can help save a lot of money on settlements to the railroad.

Small and large insurance providers should consider Ron as a third party adjuster on any railroad property damage claim or lawsuit. He digs deep into the claim or lawsuit, investigates every single piece of the claim and helps reduce the amount of money that is paid to the railroad.

If you would like more information on Ron Budra’s third party adjuster services, please contact him today at (302) 743-4768 for a free consultation.


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